University Consortium

Da Vinci Innovation Experimental Class

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

The Da Vinci Innovation Experimental Class, established in 2022, aims to develop multidisciplinary design talent. "Industry-university-research co-operation + project-based teaching" has always been the tradition and advantage of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, which has provided rich experience and foundation for the Da Vinci Innovation experimental class. Guided by Professor Li Zexiang's concept of cultivating tech entrepreneurial talents, a curriculum system based on design research and expression, engineering technology and integration, and intelligent technology and application is established to cultivate high-level design talents for innovation and entrepreneurship. By employing a problem-oriented teaching approach, the program enables students to drive product solutions to market based on a deep understanding of humanities, business, and ethics.

Featured Course - Design and Nature

Featured Course - Product Structure and Analysis Craft