InnoX Bootcamp

InnoX Bootcamp program is held during in summer or winter holiday (around 2~4weeks). Before entering InnoX as full-time, participants will quickly go through the product innovation process to familiarize themselves with what it takes to be an entrepreneur and see whether they fit to be entrepreneurs. During the bootcamp, they will learn how to understand user needs with scientific methods and how to develop solution employing interdisciplinary knowledge.

Bootcamp Highlights

Innovators’ Persona

Intrinsic characteristics

  • Curiosity/passion

  • Self-motivated

  • Vision and taste

  • Reflective, deep thinking and logical thinking

  • Leadership

  • Problem-oriented and solution-oriented, bias towards action


  • Communication & teamwork

  • Unique skills

  • Fast-learner

  • Adaptability

  • Perseverance

Track record

  • Consistent interest

  • Strong interest in tech innovation/products and expertise in a technical field

  • Experience in startups 

  • Experience in entrepreneurship/robotics projects or competitions

  • Experience in leadership positions

Recent Bootcamps

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