K12 Bootcamp

InnoX K12 Bootcamp is organized to ignite their passion for robotics, engineering, and technology, while inspiring aspirations for higher education and career development. During the camp, participants will learn how to form team and tackle specific tasks or project, enhancing their overall skills to support their future growth.

Engineering Technology Camp

Focused on robotics competitions, this camp organizes students into small teams that complete specific tasks with the assistance of mentors. Participants gain a thorough understanding of the three fundamental aspects of robotics: mechanical structures, motion control, and algorithmic decision-making. The competitive format not only enhances their learning and problem-solving skills but also fosters teamwork and the ability to identify and tackle challenges effectively.

Innovation and Science Camp

This camp emphasizes "student projects," encouraging participants to identify and address real-world challenges through design thinking. Students conceptualize and develop prototypes, transforming theoretical ideas into practical solutions. This hands-on experience enriches their interdisciplinary knowledge and equips them to tackle everyday issues effectively.

Camp Focus

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