NEOM leadership team’s visit to InnoX

NEOM has kicked off the China leg of its global ‘Discover NEOM’ tour with its showcase in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, with over 500 senior business and industry leaders in attendance. 

Organized in partnership with CCPIT Beijing and CCPIT Shanghai, the events included a series of presentations by NEOM’s leadership team, showcasing on-the-ground progress and milestones to date, as well as details of NEOM’s various economic sectors. The events highlighted opportunities for Chinese companies to engage and invest in NEOM, with a number of companies expressing significant interest and discussing tangible next steps with NEOM leadership.

On April 21, following the conclusion of the "Discover NEOM" event in Hong Kong, heads of various departments including NEOM's Education, Research and Innovation, Biotechnology, Innovation, NEOM University, Food and Agriculture visited Shenzhen InnoX Academy. The visit aimed to deepen the understanding of Shenzhen’s tech innovation ecosystem and more importantly, foster potential collaborations

NEOM's ambitious plan includes several giga projects: The Line, a 170 km linear city with vertically organized urban functions where residents can meet daily needs within a five-minute walk; Oxagon, the world's first fully integrated managed port utilizing the largest floating structures; Trojena, the venue for the 2029 Asian Winter Games offering year-round entertainment in a mountainous region; and Sindalah, a luxury island equipped with marinas, golf courses, and yacht clubs.

These visionary projects are creating expansive opportunities for collaboration in smart driving, intelligent building, traditional industry upgrades, and sustainable development.

Therefore, Shenzhen InnoX Academy and the XbotPark system aim to utilize our ecosystem advantages and practical innovation experience to establish a beneficial Sino-Saudi collaboration platform. On one hand, it is easier for tech enterprises in XbotPark to engage in NEOM’s project constructions, find out local needs, and create customized products. On the other hand, introducing models of talent cultivation, business incubation, and entrepreneurial empowerment to NEOM can drive the development of related industries, thus creating a mature, efficient, and localized innovation ecosystem.

Through NEOM, we see a grand vision and mission which can also be found in China’s reform and opening period, when we witnessed how a dream could turn into a feasible plan and then into reality. As Saudi Arabia's industrial transformation progresses and the innovation wave in the Greater Bay Area continues to swell, XbotPark and Shenzhen InnoX Academy are continually channeling the innovative energy into training innovation talents and building tech companies, hoping to write a new chapter of innovation stories between the two regions.